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Blades Of Glory - Eating Razor Blades

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The George Sands MasterWorks Collection presents Blades of Glory - an Eating Razor Blades routine


Routine and method is the original creation of George Sands
DVD Created by Alan Sands ©2018


This DVD was recorded methodically, showing you how to make your own set of razor blades 
Includes one DVD and detailed written instructions

Purchase the entire package including a pre-made set of razor blades and all the supplies to maintain your set of blades


The "George Sands Method" is much easier than any methods discussed in Tarbell or other sources. George Sands was methodical and explored all methods available to him before coming up with his own, original, simpler method of switching the blades.

• No fancy apparatus.

• The entire effect can be created in less than 30 minutes

• Developed to be a "powerful, audience-silencing - put them on the edge of their seat" 5-minute routine.

• Comedy patter included.

• Entire trick easily fits in a pocket.

• Resets in less than 2 minutes – one if you're fast!

• See Alan Sands also perform his version of the same illusion for an audience, for the camera, and at a lecture.

• You will also see George Sands perform his version for a local Phoenix TV show in the late 90’s.

• This is an easy-to-grasp concept and the one slight-of-hand move is easy to master.


This DVD is a complete set of instructions on how to make your own set of razor blades, how to maintain your set of razor blades and how to perform the trick. It includes multiple video clips of how to perform the routine live, performed by both, George Sands & his son, Alan Sands.


If you buy the entire package for $99.95, you get the DVD and a set of blades ready to use along with all the supplies necessary to make an entirely new set or maintain your set of razor blades.


Alan, very patiently, shows you all the tricks & innuendoes to make the trick work smoothly.


This effect over 35 years of stage practice and perfection. Almost every magic show Alan has performed has included this exact routine.