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The Sands' Family Tree
Our family tree is more like a bush

Hi. I'm Jessica.


I'm going to be an Emmy Award Winning actress and dancer. It's inevitable; it runs in my family. My great-grandfather was a magician, and my grandfather, George Sands, was a famous magician and creator of original magic. Grandpa George published many books for magicians, including the two books that pioneered the craft of balloon sculpting and he wrote the routine for most famous rope trick in the world.


My grandmother was a ventriloquist, and my aunt Robin, is the most popular singing telegram performer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she owns All Star Showgrams.


My cousin, Ashlee Fife Stolle, was a Broadway dancer; her husband, Jeremy Stolle, is a cast member and the Understudy for the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.


My cousin, Cameron Fife, is a movie writer/producer in Hollywood and cousin, Malcolm Fife, does post-production sound for major motion picture with so many top box office credits, it's impossible to list them all.


My cousin Bernadette Fife, is a Theater Director and Technical Manager. Yet another cousin, Heather Fife, is a teacher in New York City's High School of Performing Arts.


That is a theatrical family tree, wouldn't you say?


Then there's my dad, Alan Sands. He does a comedy hypnosis show, a prop comedy magic act and designs team-building and company picnic games for groups at picnics and corporate events.


His magic act has taken him all over the world — but he wanted to be even funnier, so now he does this wacky hypnosis show! Dad prefers doing comedy hypnosis because he draws really huge audiences, and he has a following of people who come to see him year after year.


Anyway, enough about my dad; he always gets the attention! And besides, he says if he can't stay on top, he'll be my manager (and he's a really good manager; did I mention he also has a talent agency?). So please don't book him! Keep your eyes on me, because I'm going to be a big star someday. It's in my blood!

Top Comedy Hypnotist The SandMan